Gran perreton, 2004


DVD. 15 min. Sound and color.
Dance competition.
Rincón, 2004.


Perretón is a combination of words: Reggaeton, perreo and marathon. Reggaeton is a popular genre that comes from Puerto Rico, and combines Rap, reggae and dance hall. Perreo is how you dance reggaeton, doggy style, very sexy.

A Perreo marathon was open on a saturday night at Don Raul´s Bar, a reggaeton joint in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Couples could enter the competition for free, they used numbered stickers to be identified at the dance floor by the jury, Resistance as well as creativity was judged. The couple that stopped dancing was immediately disqualified.

The revellers competed until 3 am, but the party went on until dawn. The winner couple (in the photo) earned a romantic dinner and a night at a hotel by the beach.