In transito, 2010


In transito
Serralves. Porto, Portugal. 2010






Gisela Díaz, Hajime Fujita, Lorenzo Martinelli, Claudia Mel, Igor Vasconcelos.


This project consists of a series of phrases installed in and around the staircase between floor 3 and 1. The phrases were produced collectively during a 5 day workshop. All the participants were immigrants working in the cultural arena in Porto and San Juan, Puerto Rico: three artists, an art historian, an architect, and a dancer/choreographer. The following texts and movie about human geographical movement were discussed:

1. Overcoming Tourism, Hakim Bey.
2. World Charter for Migrants. Various Authors.
3. Marroquíes en Portugal: Imaginación y Poder en la Migración Trasnacional, Rita Gomes Faria.
4. Derecho de Fuga. Migraciones, Ciudadanía y Globalización, Sandro Mezzadra.
5. MOVIE: Takhté Siah (Blackboards), Samira Makhmalbaf.

The staircase intervention represents different stages of a journey, one that trespasses the limits of authorship and questions notions of identity through mechanisms of collective discourse.