Land of Friends, 2014

Land of Friends, 2014
1 channel HD video
Sound and Color, 38’10”


In order of appearance:

Entre Aguas
Founder member of Jaguos por el Territorio collective-La Jagua.
Member of Beehive Collective and Polinizaciones.

Yuma (Magdalena River)
Colombia’s principal river, it’s born in the south of the country and flows northward into the Caribbean, 950 miles. Its basin covers a surface of 10.5 million sq mi, where 66% of the Colombian population lives, and 86% of its gross domestic product is generated.

El Quimbo Hydroelectric Project
First hydroelectric power project to be constructed by a Transnational company in Colombia, Endesa-ENEL through its Colombian subsidiary Emgesa. Currently under construction it will flood 22,400 acres of prime land in the Huila Department, in South-Western Colombia. It will dam the Yuma and Cuacua Rivers.

Jorge Enrique Robledo
Architect, educator and politician. In 2014 he was re-elected to the the Colombian Senate with the highest number of votes of all candidates, as leader of the opposition party Polo Democratico Alternativo.

Zoila Ninco
Artisanal fisherwoman and day laborer.
Member of ASOQUIMBO-La Jagua.

Cuacua (Suaza River)
Tributary to the Magdalena, 85 miles.

3 Baby Armored Catfish

Jorge Enrique Caycedo
Educator in Silvia, Cauca.

Carolina Caycedo
Artist. Member of Jaguos por el Territorio collective.

Una Santiago-Caycedo
Artist’s daughter.

Anandi Caycedo Figueroa
Artist’s niece.


Luis Jaguart
Environmental activist, artist. Member of ASOQUIMBO.
Founder member of Jaguos por el Territorio collective-La Jagua.

A Colombian electric power company, created in 1997 as a result of the capitalization process of the Empresa de Energía de Bogotá (Electric Power Company of Bogota).
As a company it is part of Endesa Group.

Endesa is the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector and the largest private electricity multinational in Latin America, based in Chile. Endesa is controlled by ENEL since 2009.

ENEL is Italy’s largest power company and Europe’s second listed utility by installed capacity. It is a leading integrated player in the power and gas markets of Europe and Latin America.

Luis ‘Lucho’ Calderón
Spokesperson for La Onda rural district, farmer, environmental activist. Member of ASOQUIMBO and Farmers Committee Huila.

Carlos Alberto Luna Cabrera
Civil engineer. Chief executive officer of Emgesa, and general manager of El Quimbo and Betania hydroelectric projects.

Gildardo ‘Camaleón’ Rojas Narváez
Artisanal fisherman. Spokesperson of El Hobo Fishermen Association. Member of ASOQUIMBO-El Hobo.

Miller Valla Montealegre
Artisanal fisherman from the community of Domingo Arias.
Member of El Hobo Fishermen Association.


Edgar Longas Ríos
Organic cacao farmer. Member of ASOQUIMBO-La Onda, Gigante.

Manuel Rodríguez Becerra
Environmentalist, academic.
First Colombian Environment Minister.

Leaf Cutter Ants

Association of people affected by El Quimbo hydroelectric dam. Founded in 2009