Dam Knot Anus, 2016



Dam Knot Anus, 2016

300 Posters, digital print on bond paper.
22 x 34 inches
Original drawing: graphite on paper.

The poster uses a quote taken from an interview done to Mamo Pedro Juan, of a Colombian Kogui Shaman from the Sierra Nevada in Northern Colombia. The indigenous communities have struggled against the El Cercao Dam, located on the Ranchería River in their sacred territories. When I asked him what did this dam represent for the Kogui people, he answered that a dam cuts the connections between bodies of water, and between communities. He said that a dam is like a knot in your veins, or even worse, like a knot in your anus.


Still from interview with Mamo Pedro Juan (left) and interpreter José Sauna. Berlin, 2014.


Installation view at Beyond 2°. March 13 to July 24, 2016.
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.