Expanding the River, 2014

Expanding the River, 2014
Expanding the River, 2014
Workshop and Satellite Image
Wight Gallery, UCLA


Using the work of art as a pedagogical tool and transforming the gallery into a temporary working space, satellite images of the construction of El Quimbo dam in Colombia, become a resource to discuss extractivism policies across Latin America. The participants take notes, that are assembled into a guide for reading the image. Solidarity notes were also drafted during the workshop, and delivered to the communities affected by the infrastructure projects.


Expanding the River, 2014 - 2
Yuma y Yaqui, 2014
(Installation view at Ex-Teresa, Mexico)
2 Satellite images projected


Satellite images of the Magdalena River basin in Colombia and the Yaqui River basin in Sonora, Mexico, were projected side by side onto the floor of the exhibition space. A workshop was facilitated together with Tomas Rojo, the spokesperson of the Yaqui Tribe.

The satellite images were used as workshop resources, to study the geography of the river basins, the hydraulic infrastructures, and to compare the systematic privatization of both rivers. Participants developed reading guide for the public, that allows to identify key locations, chronological events, as well as the protagonists of the privatization process.



Expanding the River, 2014 - 3

Expanding the River, 2014 - 4
Expandiendo el Rio, 2014
Workshop with Tomas Rojo, Yaqui Spokesperson
Ex-Teresa, Mexico DF