We have all the ingredients, 2012

Performance – Demonstration.
Written script, HeLa cells, microscope, telescope, tea.


We have all the ingredients
SFMOMA, 2012


In two movements, Carolina Caycedo invites us to explore the inner and outer spaces of our bodies, our neighbors, and our locales. She begins inside, examining with a microscope the group’s cheek cells, blood drops, saliva, skin, and hair, and asking questions about what we can see under the lens and what we want to remain invisible.

Moving outside, to a group of telescopes, we’ll explore landmarks and limits in three locales: the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park; SFMOMA in downtown San Francisco; and the San Francisco Art Institute in North Beach, just above Fisherman’s Wharf. Conducting a kind of interior and exterior check-up, Caycedo lets us consider physical and social systems eluding our sight.